New Short Fiction—“The Bride Revenant”

I’m very pleased to announce that my short story “The Bride Revenant” was recently released in Sans. PRESSs Because That’s Where Your Heart Is anthology, a collection of short stories about passion and what makes the heart beat faster.

There are many highly enjoyable stories in the collection, including Joseph Anderson’s “The Girl Who Lives on the Moon,” which starts off the volume, M. Regan’s “FPS<TAG>,” which personally made me very nostalgic for my high school days spent on video game- and design-related internet forums (minus the disappearances!), and Ellen McCarthy’s “Call My Name,” a beautiful collage of memories interwoven by grief.

“The Bride Revenant” is about a deceased young woman who returns from the grave to be reunited with her grieving fiancé. The lore in this story is based on the historical knocker legends, which Claude Lecouteux discusses in The Secret History of Vampires (also a very interesting read).

You can purchase an ebook version of the anthology for 2 pounds (roughly $3) at Gumroad, or a print edition for $12 on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it!

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