New Poem with Rust + Moth

I’m delighted to report that Rust + Moth has included my poem “Regrowth” in their Spring 2020 issue. (Make sure to check out the cover art—it’s gorgeous!)

I wrote “Regrowth” about a year ago, one afternoon when I was knocked out with a fever. It’s about sympathetic magic in nature—a small taste of how I wish the world actually worked—and my sweet-spirited son. I won’t include a photo of him here, but—in it’s stead—here’s a recent sketch I drew of him one morning:

My son, bottom lip not pictured

Some other poems I’d recommend checking out in the issue include Ceilidh Barlow Cash’s “Heartbeat,” Jennifer K. Sweeney’s delightfully detailed “Jennifers of the 1970s,” Remi Recchia’s “Self-portrait as Ghost,” and Diana Anhalt’s “Losing Español.” Read—enjoy!

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