New Poem – “Dream House”

Recently my poem “Dream House” was published in the March 2023 issue of Ghost City Review. I’d be honored if you read it and would highly recommend reading the rest of this engaging issue too. It contains so many great poems and stories! It’s hard to choose favorites. However, I’ll go with the three pieces that made me happiest (the first two in a traditional sense, and the third one because it inspires a sense of wonder — or at least it did for me): Amanda Ryan’s “Go to the Ant,” Rae Katz’s “Ode to an Inside Joke,” and Amy Marques’s “My Father’s Burgundy Pajamas.”

My poem is based on a series of semi-recurring, nightmare-adjacent dreams that I had for the first few years after my husband and I moved into our house. It’s an old place and had been somewhat neglected when we moved in. But it is a good place to live. My subconscious took its time internalizing that — and the actual layout of the house — though. The poem is a collage of those not-quite nightmares.

Read “Dream House”

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